Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Girls!

Good things, good things, good things!!

A - Wynston is HOME! He recently went to Maine for a work trip. He was gone 6 days. Every day we talked about daddy, looked at his picture and called him.
He got home last night and was so excited to see Ava. He couldn't believe how much she'd changed in a week. She's not old enough to show a ton of enthusiasm in a situation like this, but she could NOT take her eyes off of him. Once she settled into the fact that he was back she wallered and wallered and wallered all over Wynston. They were in their own little heaven. In fact, they played so hard that Ava fell asleep for a little bit in her high chair during dinner.


B - It's birthday week! I've mentioned it before and I'm excited! We have some very fun plans in the pipeline.

C - We recently found out our "return to St. Louis" schedule for the next year. I'd been dreading finding out how many follow up appointments we'd need. I had heard "several" but wasn't sure what that meant. Turns out that means the 3 week post op follow up which we've completed, another one in late April, and then one at 1 year post op!! I am so excited. It felt like we were living one trip to another. The next trip in late April is on a Monday. So I'm trying to plan on coming up that weekend and doing some fun things with our good friends Brian and Jen. They have a cutie named Wyatt, and he's 5 months old. Oh how Ava and Wyatt will have fun in the future. I hope we take them camping each summer, which is a tradition with us. If anyone knows of fun, cheap things to do in St. Louis, in springtime, with babies, please let me know!!

D - Our first float trip of the summer is on the books. I took zero (yes ZERO) floats last year. Not a fishing float, not a friends float, not even a me and Wynston hitting the river for the day. That is just something that hasn't happened since I started dating Wynston way back in high school. The 2011 summer was packed full of floats. As in 6 float trips. We knew we'd soon start working on building a family and moving into a new home, so we crammed in as many as we could. It was quite a fun summer.

This was on my 28th birthday. It was a fun day.

Wynston had AMAZING hair that summer. I miss his long hair.

 Wow, these pictures make me long for warm sunny days and a pre-baby body. Now that Wynston is home from Maine we are really excited to get back into eating healthy and working out regularly. :)

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  1. The zoo in St. Louis of course!!! Or Grants Farm is lots of fun (petting zoo plus free beer samples for you). There is a pin going around on Pinterest of fun things to do in St. Louis. I will find it and tag you in it.