Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Fun

Just a few things we've been up to this summer. I can't believe we're nearing the end of July already. Boo. But we still have some fun things planned for Ava this summer.

Umm Ava...that is NOT a pool.

One nice evening we made some sidewalk chalk "roads" and played a little hopscotch.

She played on those chalk roads for so long. :)

Chasing the cat.

Lounging at her pool.

Watching the 4th of July Parade with cousin Lauren.

More parade watching.

Firework time!

Tree swinging at Aunt Carly and Uncle Andre's.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

4 Baby Turtles...I mean Johnson Girls

We have another beautiful baby cousin/niece in the family! At this point, my brother has two gorgeous little girls, Wynston's younger sister has adorable twin baby girls, and now his older sister has added another lovely little lady to the group. Can you imagine what our lives will be like in 10-15 years?! My goodness that's a lot of girls. But that also means it's a lot of love, laughter and fun. What a blessing family is.

Here are some pictures from a short trip we made last month to get Ava to her Eye Doctor in St. Louis, and then to meet the newest niece...Edith Josephine...aka Edie Jo. She's a doll. :)

Little Miss Tech...watching Lion King on the drive up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Miss Chit Chat

Mommy: "Ava, who's the boss?"
Ava: "Not Andre. Aunt Carly is the boss. Not Mommy or Daddy. Aunt Carly is the boss."

"It's a crawdad and I KILLED it!" - take note, this kid will kill a crawdad on sight! Not what we were expecting.

Little girl at the park: "Do you want to be my friend?"
Ava: "No." - Stone cold toddler.

Mommy: "Are you hungry Ava?"
Ava: "Of course I am!!"

"My favorite color is black!"

"Don't talk to Mom, Dad!"

Monday, July 7, 2014

When Dad's In Charge

When Dad's in charge...you spend a nice sunny afternoon at the river.

You start with a hat.

But you lose the hat so you can concentrate on fishing.

Dad shows you the ropes.

Then it's time to get in. It's a bit scary at first.

But soon it's a lot of fun and you can't help but give a big smile.

It wasn't long before Little Miss was up to her chest in water, laughing and squealing as she walked back and forth about 10 feet from mom to dad. :)

If anyone has any experience printing photos from cell phones onto canvas prints, please let me know. I would REALLY like to get the 3rd picture (of Wynston and Ava fishing) printed on a canvas, but I'm worried the picture quality won't be good enough when it's printed on a large scale. Any advice is appreciated!