Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Is Coming

(can ya tell we've just finished some Game of Thrones episodes?)

The warm weather is right around the corner. Right? RIGHT? I think so. Ava does too. Last summer we enjoyed a LOT of family time outside, and we are making some efforts lately to get outside in the fresh air when it's warm enough.

Watching birds at the bird feeder with Bear.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Recent (Non Rain) Shower

Somedays it feels like little ones are ALL around us. Although Ava and some of her friends no longer qualify as babies, they're still small. And there's the twin cousins. Another Johnson baby girl due to arrive early this Summer. Some friends with babies on the way. They're everywhere I tell ya!

A few weeks ago Ava and I attended a baby shower at my in-law's house for a family friend. Another Casey, in fact, who was very nice and excited to be a first time mommy. Here are a few pictures from that fun afternoon.

Little Miss eyeballing the cupcakes.

She snuck one down while we weren't looking.

This dress is new and it was love at first sight. Red, with tiny hearts and pockets! There was no way I was leaving Baby Gap without it.

Grandma Cheryl, Ava and the cousin Leonnie (I think, haha). That's a lapful!

Holding hands with the cousins.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Camera Roll

Just a few pictures from the last month or so...

A dizzy, giggly Ava after being spun around by Daddy.

This little table was mine as a child. It's got another leaf that we put in place when friends are over. Right now it's the perfect spot for Little Miss to sit and color at or eat some snacks. Or even just when she wants to kick up her feet.

A visit to Daddy's office. Popcorn was sniffed out and provided.

Singing Happy Birthday to her Poppy.

Some of you saw this sweet little smile on Facebook.

What you didn't see was this cheesy smile I also got that day. Lordy, that girl has some expressions.


TV snuggle time.

More, this time wearing her Spiderman shirt, and holding on to Daddy's arm during an intense scene. Lol.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Panera Eat Your Heart Out

Panera's got some pretty tasty stuff on their menu (have you tried their new Power Chicken Hummus Bowl? Whoa its good).

I like so many things there, but an old favorite on a cold day will always be their French Onion Soup. We decided to try a copycat recipe, and serve it up with a good helping of Caesar salad.

This version was good, but not exactly identical. I thought it had too much black pepper. Serving it with croutons, a crusty roll and shaved Asiago cheese is definitely recommended. And ironically after being reheated for day 2, that it was too oniony. The flavor was still ok but enough broth was either eaten or cooked off that it felt like just eating sautéed onions.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crazy Kid Time aka My Niece's 8th Birthday

It's hard for me to say this, but my oldest niece Lauren turned 8 recently. I still remember the day she was born. I was still in college and working part time. I remember coming over to the hospital after working at the bank that day. I still remember her being teeny tiny (well to be fair, she's still so little, but with appropriate levels of Replogle height applied). Lauren is a doll and will melt your heart when you meet her. She's also lovely and smart and quite the charmer. She also has loved her Uncle Wynston since day 1 and they rarely skip a quick wrestling match when gathered together.

This year Lauren had a mustache themed party at a local inflatable playground. Is that the right term? Lots of blow up slides and bounce houses and obstacle courses around. Mustachioed donuts were served. Cute personalized shirts were worn by my two nieces. Giggles ran rampant. Ava had an absolute blast. Like in a fashion that I've never seen before. Once Ava found the large inflatable slide, we made uncountable trips down that slide, followed by a running lap around the gym over to where Dad and grandparents were seated (gotta make sure they were watching her!), then a run back to that slide and getting carried up it to start all over again. With her laughing the entire time. It was awesome. And exhausting. But worth it. :)

Cousins! (l-r: Birthday Girl Lauren, Emily and Ava)

Monday, March 10, 2014

What Just Happened?

I can not believe that I'm typing this....but I've done it. I've cut my thumb on salsa. Not salsa dancing...not cutting up salsa ingredients. Last night while opening the jar, I cut my thumb on the hardened salsa around the lid. Gross. And weird.

I did try to google up some funny picture using the keywords "killer salsa", "dangerous salsa" and "sharp salsa". To no one's surprise I didn't find anything that fit. Haha.

Enjoy this first Monday after DST. I'm sure you are all as sleepy as we are in the Johnson household. Note to self: no more naps the Sunday of DST. It WILL make bedtime difficult. But on the bright side (literally) today should be beautiful. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Read

Some times we read to the side 

Some times we read from the floor

Some times we read while we kneel

Until we realize we're being Mommy-stalked
All within probably 5 minutes :)