Monday, March 24, 2014

A Recent (Non Rain) Shower

Somedays it feels like little ones are ALL around us. Although Ava and some of her friends no longer qualify as babies, they're still small. And there's the twin cousins. Another Johnson baby girl due to arrive early this Summer. Some friends with babies on the way. They're everywhere I tell ya!

A few weeks ago Ava and I attended a baby shower at my in-law's house for a family friend. Another Casey, in fact, who was very nice and excited to be a first time mommy. Here are a few pictures from that fun afternoon.

Little Miss eyeballing the cupcakes.

She snuck one down while we weren't looking.

This dress is new and it was love at first sight. Red, with tiny hearts and pockets! There was no way I was leaving Baby Gap without it.

Grandma Cheryl, Ava and the cousin Leonnie (I think, haha). That's a lapful!

Holding hands with the cousins.

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