Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Camera Roll

Just a few pictures from the last month or so...

A dizzy, giggly Ava after being spun around by Daddy.

This little table was mine as a child. It's got another leaf that we put in place when friends are over. Right now it's the perfect spot for Little Miss to sit and color at or eat some snacks. Or even just when she wants to kick up her feet.

A visit to Daddy's office. Popcorn was sniffed out and provided.

Singing Happy Birthday to her Poppy.

Some of you saw this sweet little smile on Facebook.

What you didn't see was this cheesy smile I also got that day. Lordy, that girl has some expressions.


TV snuggle time.

More, this time wearing her Spiderman shirt, and holding on to Daddy's arm during an intense scene. Lol.

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