Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ready to Roll

Well...walk actually. This girl is ready to walk. And she's also ready for summer.

Here's Ava carrying around her new bathing suit. It's pink with white polka dots, has a fish on it and has a cute bow on the back. Perfect.

But back to the bigger point here, Ava is working very hard lately on getting some real walking going on. For a couple weeks now she's been bravely mastering her independent standing where she looks at you the whole time to make sure you see what she'd doing. Haha.

But in the past few days she's taken a few deliberate steps here and there. Not the "steps to you because I'm falling" steps. Real steps. She took three of them to Wynston on Sunday and is now walking between our couch and ottoman.  In a few weeks, I think she'll have this mastered.

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