Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Birthday Week - Part 2

The weekend of Wynston's birthday, I threw him a birthday party fish fry at the house. Friends and fried fish are all it takes to make him one happy 30 year old!

We had a houseful and a great evening spent with friends new and old. I spent most of the day before the fish fry running around town getting things ready, enjoying the almost 80 degree weather. There were going to be several kids at the fish fry, so I went out and got them all sorts of fun stuff including bubbles, sidewalk chalk, badminton sets, kites and coloring pages which they could enjoy outside if the weather held up. But lo and behold our party day was all chilly, windy and overcast. The kids still seemed to have a fun time running around gathering firewood for a bonfire. I made the kids some "bait cups" which were dirt pudding with gummy worms inside. I may have found one little guy picking out the gummy worms, licking off the oreo "dirt" and when he saw me watching him, he tried to put them back. Ha.

Here are a few pictures. *Most of these pictures are from after the party. I was having so much fun that I didn't do a good job of taking any pictures while everyone was over. Shocker I know.*

A Faux Bois backdrop my mom and I painted, a fish garland (I just have to keep!) and some bobber decorations. This table was FULL of food.

Our "guestbook" which was signed with a fingerprint.

Gonna frame this and hang it in the man room!


  1. So fun! Sad we missed it! I know a certain someone whose 30th is just around the corner ;)

  2. Love that fish garland! Way too cute.