Monday, March 18, 2013

March Birthday Week - Part 1

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. It's been a whirlwind of activities! I took my first "day off work not dedicated to dr's appointments" last Friday and spent it running all over town getting ready for Saturday's big Fish Fry/Birthday Party. But all the parties are over and we had a really fun week last week. Yesterday was spent resting and grocery shopping, which we hadn't really done in about a month. It was rainy and cold, perfect for staying in, picking up and being lazy.

Anyway. Here's the first birthday celebration we had last week. My dad turned 60 on Wednesday and Wynston turned 30 on Friday. On Wednesday after work we gathered at Red Lobster with my family for a joint birthday dinner. After dinner we all drove to our house to an after dinner "pit stop" for dessert. We'd gone with a car-focused "Life In The Not-So Fast Lane" theme. Very fun. Here are some pictures.

Wynston and Ava perusing the menu. We still went with our same ol order: Lobster Bisque for Wynston, a salad for me, and the Lobster Pizza to share.

Birthday boys!

Poppy sharing with Ava!
Pit Stop Goodies

"Dip Sticks" aka pretzels dipped in chocolate.

"Spare Tires" and "Motor Oil" aka chocolate donuts and Cream Soda.

A fun little poster my Mom and I made. It's Wynston and my dad in a '53 Corvette. The license plate says "30 is the new 21, 60 is the new 30".

Happy Birthday guys!!

Poppy and his three granddaughters.

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