Monday, March 11, 2013

What a Weekend

Friday night Ava and I joined my friend Katie and some friends at her apartment for a knitting party. Hanging out with Ava, knitting needles and balls of yarn can be...interesting. She was NOT lacking in items to investigate. Little Miss is also in a phase where no matter how many finger foods you bring for HER, all she wants is the food on your plate. :) Unfortunately my hands were too full to snap any pictures.

We spent the remainder of the weekend with my parents. Lots and lots of playtime, Ava's introduction to a few small bites of the goodness that is Oriental Inn (hometown favorite eatery), and an adorable sink bath. My mom and I also spent some time preparing for this week which happens to be a big birthday week. My dad turns 60 and Wynston turns 30 this week. So if you happen to see either of them, wish them "happy birthday"!

While I got a good nap in while at my parents, Ava struggled with sleep Saturday night. Not sure if she had a tummy ache, teething issues, or a sore throat (which I developed over the weekend, yay). Or maybe it's because we just weren't home. But Little Miss didn't go to sleep until after 10, was up from 1:30 till 3ish, 4, 5, etc. Poor girl. NOT the best way to bring in Daylight Savings Time. I brought her into my bed at the 1:30 event, and can't say that I overly minded snuggling with her that night. :)

Here's some pictures of Ava playing in my old bedroom.

My parent's dog Sophie photobombed this one!

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