Monday, March 4, 2013

Tiny Spring Fashions

Cabin Fever hit over the weekend at our house. Saturday Ava and I went for our first big outing since returning from surgery. We did coffee and bagels that morning with a friend; Ava loves Asiago Cheese as much as I do. Next we ventured over to the mall. We needed to buy my niece a birthday present and I had recently found some gift cards so I had the opportunity to spend without spending! Ava did so well at the mall, even though I think about 60% of Springfield's residents were just as stir crazy as we were and also decided to head out for shopping.

I can't resist sharing a few pieces I picked up.

Umm hello LOVE!! I could NOT resist this shirt. When Ava was a newborn we had a flamingo outfit for her that I loved.

Yep, two monkeys holding a heart together. This is actually the 3rd set of monkey pajamas from this line that I've bought for Ava. I love them so much and these were on clearance. 

The layering of the different fabrics in that umbrella are really cute in person. I love applique on these little shirts and think I need to learn how to DIY.

Cute little grey skinnies and a fun bug top.

So ya, we had a pretty fun little trip out of the house.


  1. Casey what size is Ava in now? I may have a TON of summer clothes you are more than welcome to look through depending on her size. Let me know!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Ava is currently wearing 12M clothes, and I'm buying 18M for summer. If we could arrange something that would be AWESOME!! Want to wait until the end of the month to see if you'll be needing them in the future? :)