Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ava - 10 Months Old

Weight: probably somewhere around 19-20 lbs
Height: long enough that the 6-12 month Gymboree pants are now venturing towards capri territory

Diet: Ava still eats pureed fruit + cereal, steamed and diced veggies like broccoli, butternut squash, sweat peas, edamame, green beans (notice a trend?). Her normal dinner is something like cubed chicken, a whole wheat pasta with some sauce (tomato paste, pesto, dijonaiise, teriyaki), some cheese (new, she loves it), all washed down with a 100% juice/water drink. She loves fruit. Puffs are still a saving grace, and who doesn't love the Maple flavored ones that make baby smell like morning deliciousness. Fewer and fewer 4 oz bottles during the day, and a 5 oz bottle before bed. Ava rarely finishes a bottle these days. The girls is in full swing baby-led weaning. Sometimes I might be found sharing the Trader Joe's White Cheddar Corn Puffs with Ava. Opps. They're really not too bad for you though.

Sleep: Still consistently inconsistent. See previous post for an example of a bad night. But those are not the norm and most nights I can put her down around 8 or 8:30 and she'll wake up by 7 am. We're down to 2 naps a day.

What's Going On:
Speed crawling and whole house cruising.
Independent Standing. You'll find Ava standing, all on her own, arms out in the air, looking at you eagerly with a big ol smile on her face, waiting for you to notice her.
High Fiving with enthusiasm.
Maybe I'm imagining things, but I swear the girl can point out nose and feet on her dolls.
We're working on and seeing improvement with blowing kisses.
Master page turner. Even before you've finished reading the page.
A deep dislike for baths. This is new and I do NOT like it. What happened to my little water baby? We've been out to purchase a new bath toy and a silicone bath cup that fits to her head when I rinse out her hair - so you put it up to her forehead, it curves to fit and keeps the water off her face.
Tongue "clucking". This has actually been going on for a while, probably well over a month.
Lots and LOTS of playtime.

Today is 4 weeks post surgery. Ava looks tremendous. Her swelling has subsided so much and most of her stitches are out. Hair is growing back quickly and this Little Miss just never skipped a beat. It's amazing.

She's gonna kill me for this someday. :)

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