Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something New, Something Old

A few weeks ago I snagged my first pair of colored jeans. Bubble gum pink jeans at that. I still feel a little odd wearing such a bright colored pair of jeans out, but I think I really like them, when paired with a neutral on top. So far I've worn them with chambray and this polka dot top. I think I'd also feel comfortable wearing them with any dark neutral (navy, black, grey) or even a oatmeal colored top I love and rely on often.
To spice up the top, I grabbed a REALLY old dark metal floral statement necklace. What do you think? Are the round shape of the flowers too similar to the polka dots? I really like the idea of statement necklaces worn semi-casually, but when it comes down to it, I usually go pretty mild. I tend to like to wear this top with jeans and a fun hot pink faceted necklace, similar to the one below. But I just can't do the pink necklace and the pink jeans.

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