Friday, March 8, 2013

Wooden Toys

Lately I've been swooning over some lovely wooden toys. Ava and I stopped into a big ol' flea market recently and picked up a box of wooden shapes for a STEAL. They're waiting on a good spray of Lysol and some little hands to find them, stack them and clap them together!

Here are some others I just love:
Plan Toys Water Blocks

WonderWorld Peek-a-Boo Ball

Melissa and Doug Friendly Fish Grasping Toy
Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Grasping Toy

Haba Fantasy Building Blocks,
pretty much all of the Haba blocks are great.

Wooden Canoe Toy

The Pull Toys, oh the Pull Toys. So many I love. We already own a pull alligator, hippo and goldfish.
Grasshopper Pull Toy
Come Along Aime

Haba Crab Calino Pull Toy

Djeco / Scouic Wooden Squirrel Racer Pull Toy.
I love this guy, and there are others in this collection just as cute as him. He reminds me of the Richard Scarry books I read as a kid.

Oh my. I could go on and on. All day long.
Also in digging around for these adorable toys, I found What an AMAZING selection of children's toys. My catalog request has been sent, and I may even setup a registry on there for Ava around her birthday and Christmas. Love their stuff!

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