Friday, March 22, 2013

Rustic Dinner

I'm not sure "rustic" is 100% correct for this dinner, but it seemed fitting last night.

I mentioned earlier that I was really missing cooking. Well this week we've finally returned to the grocery store and cooked dinner all week. We've had nachos for dinner, fish and lemony zucchini pasta, shrimp cakes (which were surprisingly good , very dense and filling) with baked potatoes and broccoli, and last night was Kale and Goat Cheese Pizza with Chickpea Soup.

I really wasn't sure what to expect with our Kale Pizza and Chickpea Soup. It was one of those "this is either going to be great or gross" dinners. Turns out it was great!

Instead of making my own pizza dough (I've had very limited success there) I used Pillsbury Whole Wheat Artisan Dough. Totally worth the splurge, since we normally buy generic pizza dough. I repeat TOTALLY WORTH IT. We put a whole bunch of kale on that pizza and I thought "whoa, waaaay too much". Not true at all. It was the perfect amount of kale. One lesson we learned was to crumble and spread out that goat cheese. We had pretty big "discs" of goat cheese spread throughout the pizza, and coin sized bites of goat cheese can be a bit much.

As for the chickpea soup, I would be interested in blending this up a bit next time, but Wynston liked the texture. I also wasn't sure about the bread in the soup, but Martha doesn't disappoint. :)

Both food dishes last night were also a hit with Ava. She was busy munching on chicken, broccoli, noodles and black beans. But she enjoyed our shared bites of chickpeas, pizza crust with goat cheese and kale we gave to her. That girl will eat just about anything!


  1. Your dinners inspire me to be a bit more brave.....I need to branch out a bit! I hope you are snuggled in at home enjoying a snow day!

  2. I will be trying these recipes soon. We need to break out of our mold a little.