Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Defiance of Winter

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Ya. Snow post February is pretty much NOT something I'm fond of.

So in defiance today I wore this:

A pretty dip dyed tee made of the most comfortable cotton ever and a hoodie with a touch of neon for warmth. Because even though it looks beautiful outside today, the wind speaks of the supposed snow that is headed our way.


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    1. $10 at JCP of all places. I got a M thinking it would shrink down. It didn't. Probably could've done the S. They have several colors. 146&extDim=true&topDim=Categories&topDimvalue=tees+%26+polos&dimCombo=Categories%7CBrand%7C&dimComboVal=tees+%26+polos%7Carizona%7C&currentDim=Brand&currentDimVal=arizona