Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome Wyatt!

Welcome to the world Wyatt! You are so handsome already.

I made a quick 24 hour trip up to St. Louis earlier in October to come see you. It was a whirlwind decision, but when I heard Jen was in labor (thanks to a oh-so-Brian witty text) I just couldn't stay put. Dad and Mom looked to be doing well, just a little sleep deprived. But glowing with pride and love.

Wyatt's name was not announced until his arrival and I just love it. It was especially fitting since we'd chosen to have Jen's shower in a cowboy theme. Wyatt seems a little western to me...maybe just because of a hilarious little country cutie named Wyatt I once had in VBS.

I can't wait to watch this little guy grow up. I also can't wait to see the joy Jen and Brian will have watching him grow and loving him. It's the most amazing feeling and they are/will be GREAT parents.

PS - what is going on with these gray areas in my pictures? If anyone knows, give me some tips to get rid of that!

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