Monday, October 22, 2012

Play Date

My good friend, Kandis, and I found out last year that not only were we both pregnant, we were pretty much due at the same time AND both having girls. Excitement abounded! We already spent a lot of our free time with Kandis and her husband Jonathan, including an annual float each summer. We dreamed up a maternity leave filled with joint walks in parks with babies in tow, playdates ALL the time, etc etc.

Reality has hit. Getting a <6 month old out is HARD.

Their little girl Adalyn arrived in this world 5 days after Ava. We took some lunch over for a "baby best friends" introduction after Adalyn was home and they proceeded to sleep next to one another while we ate. Oh ya, and Ava blew out a diaper while we were there. Of course.

Then Kandis and Adalyn came out to our house for a visit during our maternity leaves. We spent the time jiggling babies and trying to figure out what we were doing with these little 4 week olds. We even ventured back to employer's offices 1 hour from town one day to show off our little loves. So brave.

But that'd been it. No trips to the park, no float at all this summer.

However, this past Friday we held our first ever real play date. Well as real as it gets with 5 month olds. The girls were both placed on a playmat where calm lovely little Adalyn innocently played and entertained herself, and Ava screamed, cried, squirmed and generally showed me she she still sort of hates playmats.

Next we tried Adalyn's fun caterpillar rocker. That was better.

Soon we just went to the trusty ol' blanket for some hand holding, peering inquisitively at one another and what appears to be Ava trying to kick Adalyn in the face.

After some milk, Ava calmed down some and hopefully observed how Adalyn can calmly behave without wiggling 100% of the time. Not that I'd really have it any other way! <3

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