Monday, October 1, 2012

What a Weekend - 2012 Fair Grove Fall Festival

We just had a whirlwind weekend. Some weekends we don't do much and spend lots of time hanging around...some weekends, like this past one, are crazy, busy and fun!

Date Night - still adjusting to the dark hair.
Please ignore the dirty mirror and lack of lip color...nothing a little Dr. Pepper chapstick can't fix!

Pastel Fair Isle stylish

I've had my eye on this garden themed play gym for a long time. Finally got it and we LOVE it!

Ava tries to eat everything these days!

Ava and Aunt Tammy at the 2012 Fair Grove Fall Festival. Ava loved it!

Ava and Aunt Joey, chilling on a Sunday afternoon


  1. AW! The FG Festival is my favorite. Hope you had fun. I also love your dark hair. Makes me want to try and pull it off, but I don't think I can. (Which is weird, my mom and sister do it well)

  2. I love your hair as well and also love the dress Ava is wearing on the playmat. Precious!