Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feeling Like Mother Hen

Lately, I often find myself reminiscing about life while pregnant with Ava. After a bit of "middle of the night, laying in bed, no sleepy" pondering, I think my mind is wandering back to these times because it was a time when I could keep my Little Miss pretty darn safe, with minimal effort. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, take your prenatals, don't do anything stupid. She was all tucked in, warm and secure. I wouldn't find her staring longingly at the outlets, or trying her best to flip head first off our couch, or escape the slippery confines of her baby tub, or fit anything and everything into her mouth. And there weren't all those darn stomach bug and cold germs to keep her away from.

This reminds me of Ava. I should've known it'd be a preview of our active Little Miss.

Since we are now less than two weeks from surgery, we are trying our best to keep Ava safe, sound and healthy. This means staying in, hunkering down with toys and books and large plastic serving spoons. And of course The Lion King.

Staying in does not always sit well with my soul. So, even though I could spend all of Ava's naptimes cleaning, instead I've decided to reincarnate my sewing adventures during these down times. I've made my first dress for Ava. While it's far from perfect, it's still pretty darn cute. In fact, I've purchased two more pieces of fabric to make another this weekend. I'll post about those soon. Once I can get Little Miss to be a willing model. :)

Here she is modeling her new sunglasses for Grandma Cheryl.

I hope you all have a nice weekend coming up. I am planning on attending a Chili and Soup Supper Benefit and Silent Auction for an infant in need on Saturday. I don't know this little guy or his parents personally, but I'm acquainted with his family. This baby's grandpa has done some renovation work for our family in the past. They are the nicest of people. If any of you can attend and help them out, you should go! Unfortunately, I am not bringing Ava. I just can't risk having her around so many germs right now. Which makes me sad because she would be able to meet a lot of people from my childhood church, including those who so kindly gave her baby gifts. That small town can be amazing.

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  1. I can't wait to see your dress. I have a pattern I'm going to start soon ( to bad it's like reading a foreign language. I wish I would have listened to mrs. Smith closer!).