Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doctor Visits

Last week we completed the last of our pre-surgery doctor visits to St. Louis. Since Ava's CT scan, we've met with five different doctors, over three different visits...one in October, one in November and one in January. It's been pretty crazy, but after surgery Ava's follow-ups will be in a "team" setting, which means several doctors will be with us all at once. This will make our trips immensely easier and make it easier for all of them to work together, since they each specialize in different areas. Anything we can do to cut down on gas bills and time spent in the car is okay with me! Good thing this last time we had both of our mom's with us to help entertain Ava during the long drive.

This was our first trip to meet the Craniofacial team. We were so unsure of what lay ahead. Ava looks so small here to me, and her hair has grown so much since October.
Playing with a fun toy at the doctor office last week.


I just realized Wynston wore the same shirt to see the last doctor as he did on our first visit!

Ava loved that little bead maze so much that Grandma Janie got Ava one of her own!


  1. Will be thinking of you guys! I just know Ava is going to handle this like a rockstar.

    1. Yes she will! She's a trooper. Thanks Jordan!