Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Theme - Wallering

The overall theme of this past weekend at our house has to be wallering. Little Miss mastered this "skill" quite a while ago, but she's putting in hours and hours of practice these days. And she's not confined to the walls of our home when it comes to wallering.
I'm sure she wallered at my parent's Friday night while we went out for wings and spent a Saturday morning sleeping past 7 (except that freaky "wide awake at 4 am" thing I do when Ava's gone).
She wallered at the nursing home when we went to visit my grandma.
She wallered all over her bath Saturday night.
She wallered her way all over me and everyone else at a jewelry party we went to Sunday afternoon.
She wallers all over her nursery floor as we change her. (We mostly change her on the floor now since she's just to wiggly for a safe changing table diaper change. Ahh I remember the days when I feared she would never roll over. Hahaha. Diaper changes now consist of a LOT of flipping her back over, and back over, and back over.)
And last night, in our parental determination to get this girl crawling, we cranked up our thermostat to 75, stripped her down to diaper only, and set her on the floor. After a lot of floor wallering, she ended up on the couch with us, wallering from one end (and parent) to the other, all over the dog, and eventually standing up against the back of the couch and dancing. It was a hot, wonderful evening.

Here are some pictures that capture the constant state of motion and waller this girl is in so often. Lol. I have to take 10 pictures of this girl to find that one moment of non-blur/commotion when using my camera. Maybe I need an app that provides a faster shutter speed. :)

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  1. I HATE wallering. Brinlee does it all the time, still at age 2. She can't just sit still on your lap and watch a movie, she has to waller you to death. This is why she prefers Daddy, because Daddy will waller her all day long. Mommy? Mommy loses her mind.