Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ava - 8 Months Old

Weight: We didn't have a doctor's visit this month so we are guessing around 18-19 pounds. Eek...I need to weigh that bug.

Length: Again, not sure. I know we've pretty much switched over to 9M or 12M jammies.

Oh goodness. Anything really. I recently tried again with avocado, this time with success. Baby brain superfood! She's also now able to make her way through more substantial stuff like crackers. The girl definitely has a sweet tooth, so I'm working on other items like chicken & potato with a slight bit of cheese, mixed veggies, etc. She loves peaches and bananas are still a favorite. I recently worked up a spinach/banana combination she liked.

More ups and downs this month. The holidays, a stomach bug and teething were likely the culprit recently. Most nights are a later bedtime (9ish?) but sometimes we still get a n 8 to 8:30 out of her. Some nights she's up once, but the girl has been sleeping till 8 lately! Crazy. Still 3 or 4 naps a day. Lately it's seemed like if she doesn't get a small late afternoon/early evening nap, nights can be hard.

What's Going On:
TEETH! We have two adorable, tiny, sharp teeth on the bottom. Ava has done really well with the teething with minimal fussiness, LESS drool than before, and some sleep disruption. This milestone almost makes me sad because I know she's going to lose that gummy grin.
Wallering...still. Lots of mobility.
Still working on crawling. She's soo close.
Waving. It's so adorable. Usually in the form of a slow hand open/close motion. So cute.
More generous with the kisses. Sometimes she'll try to stick her tongue in there!
Pulling up. With no fear of falling. She loves standing against the back of our couch and looking around, dancing and slapping the leather with her open hand.
Sitting up in the bath and playing. The lounger she used to lay in during baths is long gone.She's also mastered the art of splashing with her hands.
Dancing. My favorite. Girls got some interesting rhythm.


First Ponytail.

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  1. She has so much hair!!! Brinlee was still bald at that age. At her first birthday I still couldn't put her hair up, she had to wear a headband. Ava is such a little doll.