Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting Big - Crawling and First Steps

The last few weeks seem to have really brought Ava into a new "big girl" stage. She's not my tiny Little Miss anymore. The spring and summer baby clothes are coming out, and as I gaze at them, I realize some of them only go up to size 6-9 months. And that's just not Ava anymore. Instead of footie pajamas all over the stores, we now are shopping for two piece pajamas. (I may have picked up the CUTEST kissing fish pjs a couple weekends ago...I'm a sucker for anything fish-related for this little daddy's girl).

Back to the subject...this last week Ava finally got the hang of this crawling business. She's been perched on hands and knees, rocking back and forth, since before Christmas. But this week she mastered the (semi)coordinated movement of hand and knees, back and forth. Now that it's been a few days, she's quickly perfected her form.

Cruising (walking around furniture, holding on for balance) has been in full force as well for about one or two weeks now. Wynston diligently pushes Ava to strengthen her balance, holding her up then letting go, catching her when she chooses her seat over her feet. We can now get several seconds of independent standing out of our strong little one.

Several nights ago, while Ava was cruising around her ottoman in the nursery, she let go and took two brave steps over to her daddy. Luckily we were both sitting in her nursery with her, and got to celebrate this event as a family. She's a long way from walking (maybe) but there were definiely two big ol steps taken all on her own. Proud momma right here. :)

Time to drop the mattress. Big girl right here!

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