Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ava - 9 Months Old

Weight: 18.4 lbs, 50th Percentile
Height: 29 inches, 95th Percentile, wearing 12M clothes

Diet: We really branched out into new foods this past month. On our 8 Month Update I mentioned Ava's sweet tooth and how we would be trying to balance that out. This past month we successfully added Roasted Veggies (just leftovers I pureed, including parsnips, squash, onion and brussel sprouts), Pumpkin and Rice, and Whole Wheat Mac 'n Cheese with Carrot. Again, all made at home. So easy really. We also added Blueberries, which Ava really likes in her morning oatmeal. Then Ava got another short round of this stomach bug. Her appetite dissipated, and when it returned she pretty much started refusing all purees most of the time. And girl was OBSESSED with our food. So finger foods have now begun! The easiest item I've added to Ava's diet has been Butternut Squash. I can get a bag of prediced squash at the grocery store, it steams in the bag, then a small bowlful is given to Little Miss for her to pick up and eat. There's also the spaghetti that has been on the nightly menu for her as well. I plan on soon making little balls of quinoa and tomato paste, and chopping some whole wheat pasta and tossing it in pureed broccoli.

Sleep: Consistently inconsistent! I think Ava is teething again (clingy, chewing on fingers, running a LOW low fever at times) and waking up a few times a night. But it's the kind of wake up where she can put herself back to sleep in under a minute. She also went through a week or so of waking up at 6 am. That was fun. :)

What's Going On:
Crawling - everywhere, especially towards the dog food bowl. Speed has now been introduced to her crawling.
A few first steps and cruising all around the living room. Detailed here.
Dropped Crib Mattress - after finding Little Miss standing in her crib one morning, we immediately dropped her mattress to the lowest level. We now start most days with her either sitting and standing, peeking through her crib rails, squealing and laughing when you open her nursery door. So cute. However we've had to alter our "sleep training" when it comes to getting her to sleep. At first, after finding she could stand in there, Ava would NOT lay down for a nap or to go to sleep. I had to rock her to sleep everytime, not that I'm complaining I just hadn't had to do that since she was a newborn. She is now better about standing for a minute, then laying herself down and nodding off. Improvement. :)
Vocals- Ava loves to hear herself now more than ever. She can yell and squeal and whisper. Girls got the gift of gab. Wonder where she got that from.
Surgery - Yep, that one thing that has DOMINATED our lives for several months now is tomorrow. 2/13/13. I won't get into the emotions or details right now, but ya, I'm ready. I'm ready to move on and resume life with Ava as normal.  

These pictures were all taken this morning, on Ava's 9 Month birthday! 3/4s of a year big girl!!

Sticking that little lip out at me.

Ava painted that for me and Wynston, as a Valentine's Day present. I love it. She, however, was more interested in EATING the paint than actually painting.

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  1. Thinking of you guys today and saying prayers for you all. God is good all the time and I pray he gives you a peace beyond all understanding while Ava has surgery. Good luck guys!