Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Would you be embarrassed to be seen with me?!


Lol! Hoodie for baby and momma! Seriously...would you hate me?! It's so hilariously bad, yet functional!!

Totally what I needed to see after a horrible, no good day yesterday. Luckily a few good things happened as well. Here's the breakdown:

Bad: Had a bad dream about my upcoming work day. It turned out to be a premonition...one of those awful days at work where NOTHING goes right.
Good: My high chair arrived and was delivered...thanks Mom and Grandma Day!

Bad: I took Ava to the WalMart to pick up her shopping cart cover (!) and grocery shop. I left the carseat in the car because...we'd pick up the shopping cart cover. Although my tracking email said the package had been shipped to the store, I found out it was really in the truck for that night's unload and wasn't available yet. It was beyond gross outside, so I padded Ava into the shopping cart using canvas shopping bags and a blanket, and seatbelted her in. It worked. And yes...I just said I PADDED HER IN WITH SHOPPING BAGS.
Good: Some stranger (to me) brightened my day with kind, thoughtful words said to me in the checkout line. Turns out she recognized Ava from a recent breakfast outing with Grandma Cheryl.

Bad/Good: I bought a can of French Onion Dip Pringles last night.

Anywho...today is a new day and this hoodie totally made me giggle.

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