Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cousins Fish Fry!

The past couple of years, our cousins Randi and Jeff from out of state have been able to come visit us during the Fall. This year, they brought along a new family member, their adorable son Hunter. Hunter was born about 2 weeks after Ava, and I hope they get to continue these annual playdates, and that we will be able to venture out their way some day with Ava.

Last year, when they were down we all headed out for a dinner at Cheddar's with the cousins that are close to our age (they span all age groups!). This year, with Hunter and Ava being about six months old, we decided to stay in and have a fish fry at our house. I'm totally down with any excuse to fry up some fish and potatoes for dinner!

Hunter and Ava, while so close in age, are so different! That little guy's got baby muscles galore, and set of super strong legs. Ava's got her nice strong back that lets her sit up like a big girl and observe the world. Hunter started rolling over really early and impressed us all with his speed crawling in our living room! He's also all about jumping right now, and got to enjoy Ava's Johnny Jump Up.

Thanks Randi for letting me snag and share your photos!

Jeff holding Ava up to chat with Hunter.

Jeff and Ava. Hunter weighs about 5 more pounds than Ava, so this was a change for Jeff!

Cousins sharing a toy.

Hunter hopping around!

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