Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby On The Go

This little one is always busy. Her new favorite thing is getting her cute little self into a walker and putting around the house. Sometimes she follows and watches what you are doing. Sometimes she explores at will, showing her independence and curiousity. We were surprised at how quickly Ava mastered the art of moving the walker around with ease, and how fast she can go! It's our newest form of entertainment and pride.

All this activity must really be wearing Little Miss out, because she has been caught falling asleep in our arms a couple times over the past few days. I have to say, those are the sweetest moments. It happened to me yesterday. We spent the day at home getting the house all "Christmas-fied" and taking care of some to-do's. Ava enjoyed some quality floor wallering time and journeys in her walker. But soon I looked over from the tree to see her laying on her back, feet and arms flailing in the air, like a turtle stuck on it's back. I picked her up and put her on my lap. Pretty soon she layed her head on my shoulder, then quickly went limp. I called Wynston in out of the kitchen, and he confirmed she was snoozing away. *mommy moment of the day*

Bundled up for a walk.

Silly smiles literally moments before falling into a deep sleep in the stroller.

Repeat picture (it was on her 6 Month post) but look at that face! Orneryness personified!

"Here I come!!"

Super fast, even in footie pajamas.

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