Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ava's Nursery

I finally got around to taking some pictures of Ava's nursery. Even though she is 6 months old now, it's still a work in progress...typical for me. :) Also, it looks cramped and crowded in these pictures for some reason, but it really isn't that way in person. I guess it was the angles I used for the photographs.

Putting together Ava's nursery was a lot of fun. We looked over a LOT of different themes and color palettes, but decided on this pastel woodland for her as a bitty baby nursery. I love it...the room is calm and soothing. But I am also looking forward to going with something more vivid, bright and modern when we transition to a big girl room some day. :)

The light this morning was intense...still need to get some curtains picked out and hung!

Sweet minty woodland bedding, a good fox friend and a nighttime binky.
We recently put her bumpers in since she rolls around a lot as she's waking up.

This little desk was mine as a child.

Some sleepy themed wall art above the crib.
I think I'll try to watercolor some pastel color behind that pink and white print on the left so its not so "white".
The piece on the left says "Read me a Story, Tuck me in Tight, Say a Sweet Prayer, and Kiss me Goodnight".
The middle piece is a bunny, fishing off the moon.
The art on the right says "Crying is Stressful, Sleeping is Restful".

Bookcase, full of books, puzzles and blankets.
The sound machine is sititng in a crocheted pink piece made by Ava's Great Grandma Pauline. I'll probably remove the magazine rack that's there because it's crowding the bookcase...it's just very functional right now.
Ya ya, I know a pineapple lamp has no place in a woodland nursery...but whatever, it's mine from college.

I got this pink and brown glider and ottoman for a STEAL off Craigslist.
We actually got it before we knew Ava was a girl, and I was going to recover it if she was a boy...lol...! Ya right!

I LOVE that little bunny on the right side of her dresser...the ears are a comb and brush, and there's a mirror underneath the face. Adorable.
There's also a Hawaiian doll that a sweet neighbor brought back to Ava from a trip to the islands.
A small shelf sits next to the dresser. That's my "catch all" for books, binky's and a sharpie for labeling boxes of too small baby clothes. :(

This art all hangs above that glider and dresser. It's not yet completed.
The rainbow piece was made by cousin Lauren.
The stroller piece below that is a card from a baby shower.
The butterfly doily was passed down from Wynston's family.
The Ava piece on the top right was a hand decorated gift bag made by Grandma Janie.
The small framed bow is from another baby gift.

These two are waiting to be framed and hung with the others.
The first is a picture I took of Ava on my 29th birthday. I embroidered that little pink bow onto the print.

Ava's changing table.

Paper lanterns above the changing table. I love the eyelet ones.

A bow holder I made for Ava....thrifted milkglass frame (actually its plastic), burlap, chickenwire, bows bows and more bows! Ava loves to look at this while I change her.

A "bear" rug I made.
If I ever do another, I'll work harder on the shape next time! :p

This picture was given to Ava from her Great Grandma Ruth.
It always hung in Great Grandma Ruth's bedroom.

And now a dose of reality...Ava's closet.
Jam packed with clothes, toys, extra diapers and wipes, and a playmat.

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