Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh My....I'm Blushing!

This little ol family blog has been nominated by my friend Jordan for a Liebster Award. How unexpected! It still amazes me when I check my blog panel and see that more than my mom reads this little ol' thing!

If you have a chance, go over to Jordan's blog and read it. Like read a LOT of it. Jordan has a way with words and she can write out thoughts and feelings in a VERY moving way. I've cried many a time when reading her blog (happy tears, sad tears, all of them). She has a beautiful family, and they've been through some challenges I just can't imagine facing. Jordan and I made fast friends waaay back when in church as children. After high school, we followed separate paths, but reading her blog makes me feel rekindled with her...in that bloggy friend kind of way! :)

Anywho, Jordan has posed some questions for me alongside this nomination. So here it goes:

1. What is your favorite room in your house and why?

Ahh! Well....we've been in this house for 2 years now and I really feel like it's still a HUGE work in progress.  The kitchen in this house is the first room I fell in love with. It's everything my last one wasn't...with LOTS of open floor space, a peninsula that friends gather at when over, a fun little stained glass pendant over the kitchen sink, a window over the kitchen sink that looks out into our backyard (which still needs a LOT of tlc, haha)...

But honestly, my favorite room in the house probably isn't considered a room. It's our "man room" which is the 3rd bay of our garage. It's been walled off, and is where we spend a LOT of time with our Little Miss. It's full of manly things like a workbench, deer and antler mounts on the wall, a deep freezer and a beer fridge, a pegboard that serves as Wynston's mini tackle shop right at home, a grill, camp chairs, etc. But it's been my favorite room to find decor for...I guess because I feel like I can have fun out there. I've got picture collages of Wynston's various hunting and fishing memories, a big picture of him with a huge spoonbill he caught a few years ago, a fun framed print that says "Get Off My Lawn", and framed print that is from some old Conservation ad that talks about eating fish because of their sustainability, a framed "12" print (his old baseball number), his framed 30th birthday party guestbook, a wax hand a good friend's little boy gave him for his 30th birthday, and on and on. Every decoration in that room I love to look at. He's got an old Canadian lake map he pulled out of Lake of the Woods this past June, that we want to hang. I want to throw some fun pom pom garland around his deer mount's antlers (haha, I don't think he knows this). And now we've got a lot of little Ava areas...a bin full of toys, her fun Bee she can ride around on, a special little workbench under Wynston's that holds her tackle box. Her playhouse and trampoline sit in the driveway in front of this room (for now). After work and on the weekends we love to open up the door, sit and relax for a bit in a camp chair, and watch all the adventures Little Miss has in this fun room. Those camp chairs usually have cup holders full of rocks and hook-less fishing lures that Ava stashes there. It's not a fancy room by any means, but I love being there with my little family. :)

Wynston's 30th Birthday "guestbook", which we framed and hung in the man room.
Ava, playing in the man room...blocks in camp chair, riding bee close at hand and ready to ride!

Ava going into her playhouse, right in front of our manroom.

2. Best Mommy moment so far

Umm this one is hard, and a little unfair! How do you name just one. I guess the most meaningful moment for me so far, was right after Ava's surgery to correct her Craniosynostosis. What a long day. But that afternoon, around 4:00 or 4:30 they told Wynston and I that we could come see our girl in recovery. We gathered our courage, and followed the nurse back. Ava was lying in her little hospital bed, bandaged, pale and hooked up to so many monitors and tubes. She was so pale. So still and calm. She opened her little eyes, licked her lips and looked back and forth between us. We said hi, told her we loved her, then she put out her little 9 month old finger and touched it to mine. That was our "one" that we did at that age. That was the moment I knew that even after such a big surgical change, our Ava was still Our Ava. And that she was going to be ok. *tear*

3. Why do you blog?

I have my blog so that friends and family can share in our family memories and adventures. I'm pretty fond of what we've got going on in our family, and I want to be able to share our pictures and stories with friends and family, near and far. :)

4. Is there anything "off limits" when it comes to your blog?

Well. Yes I guess so. I tend to flood my blog with pictures. Even mundane little pictures because I think Ava is adorable no matter what she's up to. :) But there are definitely pictures and memories that don't make it onto the blog. Some things are just too special and too personal.

5. Post a picture of your favorite item in your home.

I feel like saying my daughter or my husband is my favorite would be a cop out here. So I'm going with my living room area rug. Even though the overall dark color does NOT agree with all the crumbs my kid produces, I still love it. It's soft, it's durable and it was a GREAT price.
Aforementioned rug, covered in wooden blocks and Pomeranian cuteness!

Ok, so that completes my q&a from Jordan. Now it's MY turn to nominate some fun blogs and see what they have to say.

First up, my LONG time friend Ashley, over at Sow Much In Love. I've known Ash practically my entire life, and I cherish the coffee/play dates we have with our little ones. Friends forever. :)

Next would be Little Bits. This blog is written by someone I attended college with. I don't know her very well, but her blog is fabulous and she has the most adorable life and family.

Finally, Wine Corks and Running Shorts. Isn't that a great blog name?! If you know my friend Crystal, you would really appreciate that title, because it fits her to a T. Crystal's dedication to running and wine reviews are always a fun combination!

Ladies, my questions for you would be:

1. What are your top 3 beauty products that you can't get by without?
2. Why do you blog and where do you draw your post inspiration from?
3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
4. Which blog post of your own is your favorite?
5. Since you're all moms, when was your first "oh my gosh I'm a MOM" moment?

There you go! Love your blogs, and can't wait to see your responses. :)

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