Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year, for some reason, I was dead set against spending too much time or money on Little Miss's Halloween costume. She's 17 months old, and I knew her engagement in dressing up would be limited. But we did know we wanted her to be some sort of animal who's sound she can make. After much debate, we ended up choosing a little lion for this year's costume (with a fox coming in close second, since Ava thinks a fox says "tink a tink", and is so very appropriate for current pop culture!).
Part of this decision was a quick assessment of her closet. Brown warm hoodie? Check. Leopard print dress? Check....Ya ya, I know...lions don't have leopard prints. But mine does. :) All I had to purchase for this costume was a brown and tan feather boa, which got cut into sections and tacked onto that hoodie as a mane and a tail.

So, dress + hoodie + mane + tail + a little eyeliner provided whiskers = my cute little lion! Rawr!!

Miss Kitty (Cousin Emily), Little Lion (Ava), Scary yet Stylish Zombie (Cousin Lauren)

On the run! Which is always these days.

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