Wednesday, November 27, 2013

California Cousins

Each Fall, some cousins of mine from California graciously make a trip back to the ol Ozarks to see family and get some hunting in. They also happen to have a little boy that is about 2 weeks younger than Ava. So it's been so fun the last two years to see the kids interact together. This year, Jeff and Randi (the CA cousins) brought not only a cute little boy, fun stories about their life on the west coast, but also some cashew chicken from Oriental Inn!! They also brought some Hot and Spicy, which I'd never had the courage to try, and it was good! I'll get it again. :)

The wagon and the jumping zebra toy were both a big hit with the kids. One and a half seems to be the age where sharing is still a foreign concept, no matter how many toys you throw at them!

The still being used daily. And check out our cat Lola's face there...hilarious. She is obviously thrilled.

I have to brag on Ava's outfit...Wynston dressed her that day. Deer shirt, camo skirt. Cute and fitting.

More box shenanigans and funny cat faces.

Just for fun, here are Ava and Hunter last year! Look how much they've grown!!

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