Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin 2013

Sunday Ava, our friend Katie and I returned to Marionville to hit up this precious pumpkin patch. We spent some time soaking up the very bright sun, waving at goats, playing in large sandboxes full of corn kernels, and of course, hand picking some gorgeous pumpkins! Little Miss also showed off her spacial skills to Katie by sorting and lining up some cute tiny pumkpins. This place offers a beautiful variety of pumpkins and goards to load into your wagon. :)

"This is the one, Mom!"

I think we tuckered her out. She spent a chunk of the trip just relaxing like this in the wagon. :)

Here's when we visited last year. :) Take a peek at how much more of the wagon Ava takes up now, compared to last year!  What a fun tradition. It also appears that I want to put Little Miss in pink polka dots for this annual trip. Ha!

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