Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Holiday Ramblings

Um....oh my...Christmas is almost here! I feel like I have so much left to do. Never before have my presents sat tucked away, unwrapped for so long. I still have 3 more gifts to buy, with 7 not yet arrived. I have 2 presents semi wrapped. I still need to finalize what food I'm making for family gatherings, do the grocery shopping for that food, and still need to finish and mail my Christmas cards. Yikes!

My motivation is there, but the desire to spend every evening cooking a meal, attempting to pick up a few things, and just spend most of my time playing with Ava or enjoying Wynston play with Ava seems to be getting in the way of my holiday progress. He can make that girl flat out laugh these days! Last night it was with him getting our dog Lily to play with Ava, the night before it was just him helping her "hop" all over the couch. Seriously makes my grin till my jaw hurts.

Here's my Living Room all decorated up...just kidding. I wish.
Today's agenda will be! And what a day to venture out into wind to head to the post office. The wind howled all night long, and there was a tornado warning a few counties southwest of us. In December!

I did find myself merrily motivated last week and set out to make my Grandma Day's famous holiday Peppernuts. These are the most delicious tiny spiced cookies ever. They are just barely larger than a Scrabble tile. And they are full of nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice goodness. It seems like every year around Christmas we'd end up over at Grandma Day's helping her make a batch or three dozen. :) I decided to make a batch myself this year. The recipe makes a LOT and calls for 5 cups of flour, which I was counting out with a 1/2 cup scoop. Wynston was chatting with my while I measuring, and I must've gotten off count, because my cookies both wouldn't roll out properly and just don't taste the same. Oh well. There's always next year. Or maybe I'll get a wild hair this weekend and try again. But don't count on it...I've got Elf waiting on my DVR!

Peppernuts and Coffee!
Picture and Recipe, however that recipe is not the same as my Grandma's.

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