Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas Camera Roll

2012 Christmas Card, by Younique Photography

WARNING: Lots of pictures coming your way! I have dug my digital camera out, but tragically have yet to locate the charger. :( I did bring Wynston's digital camera to our gatherings though, so I'll download those and add some of them to the blog soon!

What a Christmas! We had 6 get-togethers, which is our standard. Here's the breakdown of our last week:

12-21-12: Ava and I met with a couple college friends for a lunch in town. Afterwards I return to work and Ava went with Grandma Cheryl and Aunt Carly to run errands. After work, Daddy and Mommy finished off their shopping. We met with Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Randy after shopping for dinner at Logan's. We were told multiple times that day that Ava looked just like Boo from Monster's Inc. (she had in pigtails).

Ava at lunch.

12-22-12: Christmas gathering with Grandma Cheryl's family. Musical instruments were brought and we all enjoyed a private concert!

12-23-12: Christmas gathering with Grandma Janie's family. Ava and my cousin's baby Atalee, who was born 2 weeks before Ava, got to play. Fun fun!

12-24-12: Mommy worked till noon. Since we weren't going to be home much over the next couple days, we had our first little family Christmas at the house. Ava liked her gifts and played all morning while I worked and Wynston watched her. That evening we gathered at my parents for our annual Christmas with my parents and brother's family.

12-25-12: Christmas morning was spent with Wynston's parents, sisters and brother-in-law. That afternoon Grandpa Randy's family came over for a party; that evening we headed down to do another party with Poppy's (my dad's) family.

12-26-12: Ava spent the day with Grandma Cheryl while Wynston and I returned to work. That evening we gathered back at Wynston's parents house to eat more food (ha!) with some of Wynston's family who had just arrived in town. I probably kicked Wynston's tail several times at ping pong. (A girl's gotta do something to start working off all these holiday calories!)

Whoa. I'm exhausted just recalling all that! We ate so much, enjoyed Ava getting in some family time and opening some fun presents, and received so many thoughtful gifts. As I recently said on Facebook, we are so blessed! Let's mark this off as another wonderful Christmas!


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