Friday, December 14, 2012

Mmmm Fried Chicken

I know I know...fried chicken isn't really consistent with my "let's eat healthier" vibe. But making good fried chicken is on my bucket list, okay?

I think Ive made one attempt in my entire life at frying chicken. Like real bone in chicken. We've fried lots of chicken breasts, with pretty good results - the Chik-Fil-A copycat version is my favorite. A couple summers ago we would fry up a big batch of this before hitting the river for a float trip. Awesome river food on a hot day!

But back to the original subject...I need some fried chicken help. The one time I made it, the results were just so-so. It took so much longer than I anticipated! My grandma and Wynston's mom both make really good fried chicken. Maybe I need to do an apprenticeship! Because I really want to be able to whip up some good fried chicken. You know, with mashed potatoes, corn. All that good stuff.

Anyone have a good recipe or some tips?

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