Thursday, December 6, 2012

Busy at Work, and Lapse in Eating Judgement

Sorry sorry sorry. Posting on the blog has NOT happened this week. I'm busy with a project at work which has me working longer hours than normal, Ava isn't sleeping through the night, and Wynston has patiently asked me to cut his hair every night this week (I still haven't had the takes me FOREVER to cut his gorg hair :p ).

But I'll be back soon with more posts. Ava turns 7 months old next week, so there'll be that one. Plus some more I've got in mind.

In the mean time, let's just say I've had a lapse in eating judgement lately. I was down to being about  5ish pounds away from pre-baby weight. Then I quit trying. Opps. Holidays, work, food tasting yummy. Ya, all that got in the way. This was pretty much me:

I was back up to 10 pounds from prebaby weight. But Monday I decided enough was enough, and I was going to restart healthy eating habits once again. I also need to start working out again, which will help my energy level substantially. Since Monday, I've lost 1 pound a day. Seems extreme, but that just shows how poorly I was eating.

It feels good to be back in control again, at least of ONE thing! Maybe that's something I can post about soon...some of the better healthy recipes we've had lately.

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