Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some - Pinterest Recipes

Baked Ranch Chicken

Baked Breaded Mushrooms

Crockpot Orange Chicken/Turkey

The failure of the Orange Chicken/Turkey was my fault. I spent Tuesday evening prepping two dinners as Wynston played super dad and played with Ava. The ranch chicken and mushrooms were both really good. I also threw some sliced zucchini topped with a little parmesan into the oven, and we had a nice meal all around. I thought I was doing so well prepping that orange chicken (again, we used wild turkey) for the next night. I was working in the office all the next day, so I'd just throw this in the crockpot and be done! But the next morning, I reread the directions...only 4-6 hours on low!! My crockpot never needs the full amount of time a recipe calls for, and I go to work at 7! So if I needed, say 5 hours, my meal would be done by noon, then sit on "keep warm" for another 4 hours! Afraid it would burn up, I decided to add water. Ha....HAHA!  This turned into a soupy, watery, nasty looking mess. Lesson learned. I still want to try the recipe, without my amazingly genius chef skills added in next time. (end sarcasm)


  1. I love mushrooms... I need to try his one!

    1. We were really pleased and surprised at how easy and good these were!