Friday, September 7, 2012

A date

Yesterday I got a special text. "We have plans after work. I will pick u up". Short and precise, with an element of surprise.

During my pregnancy and our first almost 4 months of parenthood, Wynston and I keep talking about how easy it is to find ourselves not putting the effort into "us" that we used to. It's so easy to get caught up in Ava, work, the never ending list of housework, family functions, trying to catch up on sleep....the list goes on and on. Dates are just something we don't get around to much these days. We get out and do things with other adults every few weeks (aka no baby, no diaper changes, no spitty shoulders) but rarely is it just US.

But not last night. He picked me up, and we drove over to a restuarant/bar/hangout over in our old neighborhood, where we used to spend lots of warm evenings on the patio. We sat and talked and just caught up. Of course, that conversation inevitably ended up being about Ava at times. But that's just life now.

So a big thank you to our parents who help out with Ava and give us the opportunity to re-invest in "us". So far for me, the dividends are paying out nicely.

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