Monday, September 3, 2012


Ava has been able to visit some family members and friends this holiday weekend. Friday night, Wynston had a fishing tournament so Ava and I had dinner with our good friend Katie. We hadn't seen her in quite some time, and we enjoyed some good Mexican food and laughs during dinner.

Saturday was spent resting and lounging around the house. That evening we drove over to Uncle Archie's and Aunt Becky's to see their family and eat some delicious fajitas. We were able to meet Ava's cousin Faith, who was born in January. She is an adorable, curious and charming little lady! Her older brother Aiden told Wynston he looked like Giovanni, which was funny coming from a 4 year old. Turns out Giovanni is a cousin on the other side of his family.

Sunday we drove down to see my parents and Grandma Day. We ended up eating dinner in town with Wynston's parents that evening for Grandma Cheryl's birthday. Ava was quite the chatter box for both grandparents that day.

While Ava always loves the cuddles and smiles she gets from her grandma's, there's something so special that melts my heart when her grandpa's get some Ava time. They both morph into the silliest versions of themselves and get some big ol' grins out of that little girl. I know she has a special place in so many hearts, but I think her spot in her grandpa's hearts is just a little different. <3

Gotta go, I can hear her talking to herself now that her nap is over!

Ava and Poppy, Sept 2, 2012

Yes, thats a baby robe! Sept 1st, 2012

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