Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Ties

Browsing through some pictures from this past week, I noticed a "family" theme...

This past Sunday we attended our annual Tracy Family Reunion.

I got to sit and visit with Wynston's cousin Ashley at this reunion, who is due to have her first baby in November. I really enjoyed getting to know her more. They have built the coolest nursery for their little has a wall that looks like a rustic store front that they will grow with their baby....starting out as an old toy shop, then maybe evolving into a bait shop or cabin. Very cute.

This year at the reunion, a Tastiest Dish contest was held. We were supposed to bring something prizeworthy, but we have our hands full these days so Wynston just whipped up a batch of his brownies from a box. He won 2nd place! He was relieved he didn't win since they made the winner come up to be crowned and receive a trophy.

Notice that Ava is trying to snack on some yummy fish - she is SO her father's child!

Wynston's mother recently brought home something fun. A tiny, little bitty, working piano!! This was something she used as a child, and it was up at Grandma Pauline's. Isn't this the most adorable thing you've ever seen?! Just Ava's size.

Since my mom, Wynston's mom, my brother and I have all taken piano lessons at some point in our life, it looks like Ava is going to follow in our footsteps.

She loves it!

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