Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas at Grandma and Poppy's

Every Christmas Eve we meet with my parents and my brother's family to do our small Replogle Christmas gathering. Since the next few days are usually full of large family gatherings and meals, the goal of this night is easy food, focus on family. So this year was pizza, and squeeling little girl cousins running all over the place. I love how much the kids love passing out the presents before we open them. It's the little things...ya know?

This year my mom wrapped our gifts in butcher paper, and used old pictures of us for the tags. That box Ava is holding has a picture of me, at 3ish, with my one and only perm. :)

My parents got Ava this ADORABLE car. Here is Ava figuring out where the seat is versus the floorboard, ha!
"Is this really mine?"

"Seriously Mom...this is MY car?!"

"All right!!! My own car!"

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