Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Girl Things

It's hard not to feel like Ava has really changed from a baby to a big girl in the last couple of months. She can do so many things on her own. She can hold conversations with you and talk in her little sentences..."Diva eat pretzels, please?" Haha, yes she pronounces her own name as Diva...which is so fitting. She's can tell you if she's hot, and makes a good, sometimes successful, attempt at taking some clothes off. She's making good ground in potty training, going on the potty often and letting you know before she goes (though we're still not pushing this too much). She eats like a horse. The past few nights, before bed, she will tell us "I go take a nap", then she gives us our hugs and kisses and walks into her room. We haven't given her a binky at bedtime for two nights now, and she hasn't missed it a bit. Plus so many other things.

Here are some pictures of other big girl things in Little Miss' life right now:

This big girl has 2 kitchens. Here is her first kitchen, which we've recently moved up to Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Randy's. We really don't need two play kitchens in our home. And sometimes, you find a girl in her pajamas and winter coat, with a hankering for a play snack.  :)

This is Ava's new play kitchen. I really love the colors on this one, and it matches our house and Ava's play house quite well!

If this isn't a big girl picture, I don't know what is. Little Miss looking MUCH older than her 20 months.

Here's Ava sitting contentedly at her dad's work bench, playing quietly. She'll do this for soo long.

...Until she catches you trying to take her picture. Then she'll make a rasberry tongue at you. PFFFFT!

What big girl is complete without a backpack. Trying to take her picture with this backpack was...challenging. It involved Ava running all over the house, including climbing up onto our bed, with me following her around with my camera.

Another backpack shot, from a different day. This day's activities included bringing Mom's missing watch back to our attention in that small glass cube, then laying down on the floor to count the 5 dead (or mabye dormant) ladybugs she'd stashed with that watch. What IS it with her room and ladybugs?!

Here's Ava with a hat she likes to put on herself...and she does a pretty good job of getting it on right! This is also her CHEESE! face. :)

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