Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Christmas At Home

This past Christmas really lived up to all of my dreams. Our Little Miss has such an enthusiastic spirit, and I knew she'd love the festivities and family gatherings. I counted down the days, and loved living them out. But now that the holidays are over, it feels good to slow down and get back to a normal routine. I'm going to break up my Christmas blog posts by family, so here is how we celebrated around our home.

Aside from the ear infection, we did some decorating, some hot chocolate sipping, some wrapping paper taping and tearing, some Santa line waiting, and many many trips to check out the "Tistmas Tree!".

Begging for a Christmas toy at Lowes of all places!

Pretty red holiday nails. "Paint Pingers!"

A fun new stick horse. Now LOTS of things are being rode around like a stick horse. :)

Tracking down this adorable pink and purple dump truck was not as easy as I wish it had been, but I love it soo much.
Yep...a case of Ice Pops under the tree!

We went with two styles of Christmas Cards this year.

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