Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 Johnson Christmas

Since Christmas fell in the middle of the week this past year, we were able to really spread out our Christmas' and get more quality time in with all of our family. It was such a nice change of holiday pace for us! Here are pictures from Christmas morning, where we always meet at Wynston's parents for breakfast and presents, as well as Christmas with the Johnson aunts, uncles and cousins later that week! There were lots of kids running around and having a great time.

Passing out presents on Christmas morning.

Opening some great geometric stacking blocks.

Cousin Brooklyn and one of the twins...I think this is Leonnie. (Sorry if it's Evonnie, Carly!)

Cute girls in a wagon!

Trying out some new play shoes and a purse the next day.

She's so good at walking in these! It's hilarious.

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