Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy May Day!

We celebrated May Day by blowing up this little pool my mom bought Ava last year and letting her go wild! In all actuality, a stomach bug has recently hit Ava and Wynston and I'm battling what I think is an ear infection. Ava is now all better, but Wynston and I aren't fully recouperated yet, so letting Little Miss play on the deck for a while (under our supervision of course) gave us a nice hands-free playtime/break.

After a few exploratory Am-I-Supposed-To-Be-Here minutes, Ava really let loose. Splashing, kicking, crawling in and out all on her own, bringing bubbles and sticks back in with her. Serious cuteness. She's getting to be such a big girl, and we can already tell she loves being outside.

Back of bathing suit cuteness.

Yep, she's totally eating the paper label off her bubbles.

Love those tippy toes.

PS, to any of you out there who may think they have an ear infection, I do NOT recommend blowing up a baby pool during that time. Serious discomfort follows. Ouch!

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