Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air...well maybe not in my car :)

(Sorry, no pictures today guys. We've been so busy with work and party planning that I just don't have many new pictures to post.)

Last Sunday we traveled back to the St. Louis area for more doctor's appointments for Little Miss. We weren't too far into our drive when we figured out Ava had a stomach bug. This was our first encounter of puking in the car. Not fun. But luckily short lived as well. We stayed with Wynston's sister Leah and brother-in-law AJ, like we always do up there, and they have a new puppy!! He was so much fun. They also grilled for us, and AJ's sister and her family. They have the cutest little boy and a baby girl who was born 6 days after Ava. It was a really fun evening. If I can get my hands on some pictures, I'll share. It was adorable with a puppy and 3 little ones running around. :)
The next new challenge Wynston and I faced was getting the car seat cover back on after laundering it. We got it done, but it took a while!
That Monday morning I worked while Wynston and Leah played with Ava and Copper, the puppy. Then we took off for the Children's Hospital. We started with a visit to Ava's plastic surgeon, who thinks Little Miss is progressing as expected and that she looks great (I have to agree). We did ask about a new sharp little bump on her forehead, but he assured us it's just another screw holding a plate down. That kid and the work her doctor's have done just amazes me. All the plates and screws that were inserted during surgery will be dissolved 12-18 months post surgery, but for now if you try, you can certainly feel them. Creepy, but amazing knowing they are in there doing their job.
After our visit to the plastic surgeon, we continued on to Ava's eye doctor. To be honest, Wynston and I had been dreading this visit. Our first visit to the eye doctor resulted in news that her Cranio was causing astigmatism in one of Ava's eyes, and we had to practice patch therapy over her good eye for one hour a day before surgery. Patch therapy on a strong willed little cutie is not always fun. But we returned to let them peek at what changes Ava's eyes had undergone during and since surgery. The doctor was amazed! He said that Ava's eye had gone from almost a football shape inside back to a round basketball shape. He gave us the all clear on no patch therapy, no glasses, no surgery! We were so incredibly relieved.
So...while the drives are long and this one was especially not fun, we try to always make the most of our visits to St. Louis by getting family time in. And the good news from two of Ava's doctors was just what we needed to hear. At this point, we'll return to the eye doctor in six months. This is the longest stretch of time between visits since Ava's diagnosis last October, and it feels like a breath of fresh air!

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