Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Lemonade Party

This past weekend, Ava and I attended her friend Adalyn's 1st birthday party. It was a Pink Lemonade party, and no detail was left behind! Super cute party, full of pink lemonade, burlap and lace, the cutest cupcakes and birthday cakes, tiny sunglasses for the kids, and a peacock who crashed the party...well, the party was by the zoo and the kids loved the party crasher. :)

Wynston was gone during this time, attending his annual Father/Son float and camp. The day started in Marshfield at a large family reunion. Ava was 100% all about walking around on her own, introducing herself to relatives. A quick drive and short nap later, we arrived at the birthday party. Ava decided to switch gears and wanted to be held, but only if we were walking around. Many laps were made around the party pavillion.

The party was so adorable, and full of so many little cuties. Too bad my hands were too full to take any pictures of the party. Shame on me. I wish I would've because you all would've loved it.

I've learned that doing several events in one day sans Ava's favorite person (Wynston) is exhausting...for both of us. And full of clumsy mom when I dropped my lemonade all over Ava's face and my leg. Ya, that was fun. Don't worry, Ava wasn't hurt, just sticky afterwards. And we ended the party on a high note, sharing a cupcake and getting it everywhere.

I picked up this cute dress for the party, and was so torn on whether to get her the 12M or 18M. I went with the 12M and am so glad. There's even room to grow so she'll be able to wear this one all summer long.

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