Monday, September 23, 2013

Ava's First Float Trip

Earlier this month, we decided the time had come for our Little Miss to go on her first float trip.  A nice warm day to end a 3 day holiday weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity. So we packed up a cooler full of snacks, a bag of waterproof toys, life jackets, paddles, seat cushions, towels, the canoe and took off for the river.

We floated around on the Niangua River for several hours, and considering Ava was still running that recent low grade fever, she did very well. She was able to watch some cows, crows, fish, frogs, crawfish and an owl all in their natural habitat.

Ava stayed occupied by watching and helping her dad catch fish, mooing to the cows, counting leaves in her hand and ignoring her toys in favor of putting rocks in her bucket then throwing them into the river. We also gave her a couple different seating areas (a camp chair in front of mommy, or a tackle box in front of daddy), so that she had toddler options (so important!). She was also treated to something special to drink that day...chocolate milk! Yum. :)

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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