Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mud Puddles

Who'd have thought we would have mud puddles in AUGUST to play in? Most August's here in our area are scorching hot with burnt up grass. But it's been raining here for days. Days I tell ya!!

We recently ventured back to Wynston's family farm where he grew up. This farm has been in his family for several generations and I just love it. In fact (incoming mushiness) this property is where Wynston lived when I first met him...we spent many an evening hanging out at the pond feeding the catfish, he taught me to drive a stick shift here, I learned to make gravy in that kitchen, and many more memories were made at this house. :) While the family still owns the property, it is currently being rented out to some friends who are taking great care of it, updating parts of the old farm house and enjoying country life with their little one!

We even talked the kids (ha!) into playing in the old mud puddle that Wynston enjoyed back when he was a little one!

Aren't they CUTE?!

I love LOVE the back of this little shirt.

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