Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All in the Family

If you've ever met my daughter in person, you've probably told me how much she looks like her dad. She does, truly. But as she gets older, I see a little more and more of her momma in her. Here's a few examples:

Ava loves her some moccasins. 
I had my own pair of moccasins that were worn WAY too much in college.

Ava can rock a mean ponytail.

Here's the kicker: the girl naturally twirls her hair. 
She started doing this months ago. 
Total momma move right there.

But lets not forget that she's still got a LOT of Wynston in her. 
Check out her skills with a flyswatter. :)

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  1. Your moccasins! I'd forgotten about those! Love the pictures! So precious.